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Cutlery & Drink Straws 

“ As a by-product of the tequila industry,  the agave fiber is a rich resource and a perfect solution to combat single use pollution. "
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Made from AGAVE

wrapped agave straws by avoplastiqs

Dissolves into the Environment, Not your Drink!

agave cutlery set
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Sustainable material derived from industrial agro waste made during tequila production called bagasse.  A natural waste product to a sustainable solution.


Super Strong

Long lasting, does not saturate or fall apart in your drink like paper straws.  Stays firm, as long as you need like conventional plastic.


Heat Resistant

For cold and hot foods with up to 100ºC heat resistance. Great with coffee drinks or frozen smoothies.


Renewable & sustainable

Farm grown & back to the earth while extracting harmful carbon dioxide from our environment. 


During tequila production, once the agave piñas have been boiled and the juices are extracted, the remaining fibers are left as a byproduct called "bagasse." 

Agave  Straws

Derived from dehumidified baggase fibers from tequila industrial agro waste.


Bio based with enhanced degradation 

AvoplastiQs Bulk agave straws

Natural or Black Color 


7.5 mm ( 0.3" )

( perfect for smoothies )

AvoplastiQs agave straw dimentions

6 mm ( .23" )

26 cm ( 10.2" )

21 cm ( 8.2" )

15 cm ( 5.9" )

Avoplastiqs agave straws
* Pictures are not actual size of straws or cutlery.

All size straws available in both 6mm & 7.5mm dimensions.

AvoplastiQs Agave Cutlery Set
AvoplastiQs agave straws in bulk
AvoplastiQs eco friendly agave cutlery

Performs Great in Cold & Hot Drinks!

Stays firm, does not bend or fall apart like paper straws!

AvoplastiQs biodegradable agave cocktail straws

Hot temps up to 100°C

Wrapped or Unwrapped

AvoplastiQs wrapped agave smoothie straws

Agave Cutlery

| Agave Cutlery Sets

agave cutlery set

| 200 sets per case 

| Agave Forks


| Agave Knives


| Agave Spoons


Food service: ( US ) 4 / 250 count per case ( 1,000 units ) 

Retail Sales: individual boxes per case 24/24 count ( 576 units )

Products For Food Service & Retail Sales

We distribute to restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, hospitals, food chains,

food and beverage distributors with high case counts or by shipping container.

We also supply boxed products by the case for retail store sales.


Renewable  & Sustainable !

We offer globally recognized game changing technology with all the potential to be a feasible solution to the current plastic pollution crisis.

Our products dissolve back into the environment in compost or in natural conditions. The perfect alternative since waste can't always reach local landfills or commercial composting facilities which increasingly contributes to this global problem. 

Screenshot 2020-11-29_00-23-12-278.jpg

Meets ASTM D5511 (US) & ISO DIS15985 (International) enhanced biodegradation standards.

Materials are Food Contact Compliant - US FDA.

Natural colors and organic pigments.

Biobased with enhanced degradation  ( 1 to 5 years )

Shelf life ranges from 3 to 5 years.

Degradation does not produce microplastics.

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